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Timber Flooring Sydney

Golden Flooring has been dedicated to delivering high quality products and the very best service to our clients. With over years of experience in this field, we have had the opportunity to work together with architects, builders, and designers. And this opportunity has given a chance to us to show off our craftsmanship and passion in our meticulously engineered floors.

From the inception itself, our passion has reminded the same to provide exquisite engineered timber floors that not only compliment a home, but bring about a sense of luxury and completeness. more...

Choose Timber Flooring in Sydney from Golden Flooring

Creating high-end aesthetic motifs of warmth & beauty, Timber Flooring in Sydney can also create an illusion of spaciousness, while also being capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic due to hard-wearing and long-term durability.

At Golden Flooring, the leading timber flooring suppliers in Sydney work with a lot of experts such as interior designers, and architects alike. Our branded flooring products are high-quality, custom-made and safely stocked in our warehouses ready for pickup.

With over many years of experience, the Golden Flooring Pty. Ltd. team are experts in flooring installation, renovation and restoration. Our services focus on complete installation of flooring products, as well as stripping, floor sealing, floor sanding, vinyl flooring, staining and varnishing for wood and bamboo floors.

Visit our showroom and see why we are the No. 1 timber flooring suppliers in Sydney in the business with thousands of happy customers. Call our customer service line today and discuss timber flooring Sydney prices. We look forward to meeting and serving you soon!

We believe in the fact that everyone is entitled to a home that reflects their personality and has luxury etched in every corner of the house. We understand the demand that most people have when it comes to timber flooring, and that is where we come to your rescue with timber flooring prices within reach for every individual and modern flooring styles that not just aesthetically appealing but provides the necessary warmth to your house. Our The flooring that we install compliments your room decor whether it is a new home or one that needs renovation.


Being several into the business of flooring installation, we ensure we take care of all the steps to us. Right from helping you choose the type of wood for the floor of your house, taking necessary steps to ensure its longevity and finally installing it, we do it all. If the timber is in need of repair or replacement, we do it all while letting you sit back and relax.

  • Flooring materials supply and installation

  • Timber flooring repairs

  • Free floor inspection


Will you install floors in staircases?

Yes! We have specific services to design your stairs with the best flooring solutions. Whether you choose specially engineered flooring or simply stick to the vinyl style, we will make sure your staircase looks brilliant.

Do floors processed by wood create any noise?

There is a common notion regarding the noise generation in wooden floors. However, it’s not true at all. It’s the carpets that may make you feel that there is a constant sound generating from underneath. But, you will also get this sound when you start walking on the vinyl floors as well. In the case you are having a problem with that, we are a call away. Our team will install an acoustic underlay to mitigate the sound effectively.

How should I clean my timber floor?

There is nothing so complicated when it comes to clean up the wooden floor. A simple vacuum followed by a gentle mop will be enough to keep up the shine of your floor.

What is The Best Way to Maintain to Timber Laminate Floors Sydney?

Minimise the accumulation of dust, grit and sand by vacuuming or sweeping the floor regularly. Avoid using solvent based or abrasive cleaners on timber and bamboo flooring, and also try to avoid walking on the surface with spike or stiletto heels.

Is Timber Flooring Sydney Hyper-Allergic?

With regular maintenance timber flooring does not give accommodation to irritating dust and microorganisms. This provides a healthier environment for allergy sufferers.

What Makes Golden Flooring Stand Out From the Competitors?

With over years of experience in this field, we have had the opportunity to work together with architects, builders, and designers. And this opportunity has given a chance to us to show off our craftsmanship and passion in our meticulously engineered floors. Call our flooring experts now to discuss timber flooring Sydney prices!

Will vinyl flooring be a good solution for my house?

The best part of choosing vinyl flooring is you can get the design you wish for. Whether you want a ceramic appearance or the wooden style or stone texture, it will prove to be a feasible solution for you. It is often considered much more durable than its contemporaries. Moreover, its resistance to moisture makes it an effective solution for wet-prone areas of your house.

What should I do if my floor gets damaged?

The first thing you should do is to contact us immediately so that we can take care of the damage and provide the required assistance. We are equipped with some damage repairing specialists who know how to deal with the damages on different types of flooring.

am planning to install timber floor in my bathroom. Is that okay?

No, it is not okay. We never recommend timber floors for wet places like a sauna, spa rooms or bathrooms as the humidity level remains high in those locations and therefore cause a significant amount of damage to the flooring style.

Would The Use Of Air Conditioning And Heating Affect My Beautiful Timber / Bamboo Floor?

Don’t use AC and Heating unit excessively as both would reduce the indoor humidity, dry out the timber / bamboo floor and cause excessive movement of the subject flooring.  It’s advisable to open doors and windows to allow for fresh air coming into the room to maintain a reasonable humidity level.

Do Timber Floors Require A Lot Of Maintenance?

No, not frequently! But to maintain its long lasting look and feel, you need to follow few of the important maintenance tips to ensure your floor remains in its best possible condition:-

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Use a soft bristle broom
  • Do not roll heavy objects directly on your timber floors.
  • Avoid stilettos or spike heeled shoes on your floor


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