Parquetry Flooring Sydney

Gone are the days when people made use of stones and coloured marble to bring about a dramatic and elegant effect to their floors. It not just costed more but required a lot of maintenance to keep the elegance alive. With the advent of wooden flooring, parquetry floors have become much in demand where a mosaic pattern with the wood gives a dramatic look to your floors while keeping the warmth and the aesthetics alive.

Parquet wood flooring brings in different patterns and textures of wood while the floors get a striking look that grabs eyeballs. With a team specialising in parquetry floor, there is the use of modern equipment and techniques that ensure that you receive floors that are great to look at, durable and add value to the house.

Parquetry Foors

The reason why there is such a lot of demand for parquetry floor is the benefits that they come up with.

  • It has the ability to uplift the look and feel of the house without you having to make extra contributions to the way your house looks.
  • It is known to match perfectly to the decor of the house especially when the patterns are chosen while being matched to the interiors.
  • It is easy to maintain just like you would do for the wooden flooring. A simple use of a mop and brush can remove dust and grime, and an occasional sanding can maintain longevity.
  • It is a great alternative to rugs and carpets with patterns because it doesn’t pose as a breeding ground for dust mites and allergens.