Engineered Timber Flooring Sydney

There is no doubt that engineered flooring is renowned for bringing the sophistication of real timber while also delivering a stable floor and hassle free installation. Over the years, engineered timber floors have become extremely popular because they serve as a great alternative to solid timber.

Compared to its traditional counterparts, they are not only quicker to install but also are easy to maintain, use far less natural timber resources and are way cheaper. All this and you still get the look of genuine timber floors.

Be it modern or traditional decors, we here at Golden Flooring have a wide range of engineered flooring options, from deep browns to rich reds to several other shades.

Engineered Timber Flooring

Best Engineered Timber Flooring

Needless to say, the look and technology of engineered flooring has advanced to a great degree over the past decade. These days, a quality engineered floor can provide much more stability as compared to solid timber flooring. This ensures that wider floorboards can be used without risking any sort of movement which is a recurring problem with solid floors.

  • Available in beautiful hardwood species
  • Sanding and finishing doesn’t result in fumes or mess
  • Can be walked on after just a few hours from installation
  • Just like traditional timber floors, these can also be re-sanded
  • Since it doesn’t harbour allergens or dust, they are perfect for allergy sufferers

Over the years, we have provided several homes with quality engineered floors at competitive prices. If you want the same, give us a call and we will help you right away.