Concrete Floor Levelling / Floor Preparation

If you want to ensure that you floor installation is a success, correct floor preparation is imperative. There is no doubt that concrete is by far the most durable and long lasting of all the building materials that are available. But what about places where moisture accumulates? Even the most expertly formed concrete can have depressions. Precisely for this reason, it is imperative to address these issues early on. Wondering why? Well, by repairing such dips, you will ensure that such imperfections don’t turn into structural problems further down the line. Also, if you plan to install the flooring over slabs and want to act it as a subfloor, you will need to level the concrete which is where we come in.

Concrete Levelling and Floor Preparation

Floor preparation

Before we start levelling your floors, we undertake an extensive floor preparation process so that we can achieve the highest possible results. The steps we follow in our preparation work are:

  • Take out everything out of the room which also includes the baseboard mouldings
  • Thoroughly clean the concrete surface
  • Remove loose dirt and debris
  • Address flaking paint, chipped concrete and peeling adhesive
  • Give close attention to oil spills and stains from grease
  • Applying primer made especially for concrete levelling with a soft bristle push broom and ensures that it is evenly spread out over the concrete.

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